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04.02.2015, 17:44
Hello folks.

I am Patrick. Born in Wrzeszcz (Langfuhr) to parents who were born in Gdansk and Torun. I can speak English and Polish. Unfortunately I cannot speak German. I can read this forum in German -> English Google Translator. When German text is properly formed translation is quite good as those two languages are similar.

I have always been interested in the past of Danzig before 1945. I have been frustrated that I have never met anyone who has lived in Danzig. Now I have found this forum and I am amazed that I have found you.

I have been thinking what can I do for the community. I found reasonable to post current pictures of Gdansk. Also for a request. I am passionate photographer capable of pro-like photography.

See attached example:

Best regards.

04.02.2015, 21:02
I don't know how good it looks but this is how Google translates my post to German language.

Hallo, ich bin neu hier und habe Fotos zu machen

Hallo Leute.

Ich bin Patrick. In Wrzeszcz (Langfuhr), um Eltern, die in Danzig und Thorn geboren wurden geboren. Ich Englisch und Polnisch sprechen. Leider kann ich nicht Deutsch sprechen. Ich kann in diesem Forum auf Deutsch zu lesen -> Englisch Google Translator. Wenn deutsche Text richtig gebildete Übersetzung ist recht gut, wie diese beiden Sprachen ähnlich sind.

Ich war schon immer interessiert in der Vergangenheit von Danzig vor 1945 habe ich frustriert, dass ich noch nie jemanden in Danzig gelebt hat, erfüllt sind. Jetzt habe ich in diesem Forum gefunden haben, und ich bin erstaunt, dass ich dich gefunden.

Ich habe darüber nachgedacht, was kann ich für die Gemeinschaft zu tun. Ich fand sinn aktuelle Bilder von Danzig buchen. Auch für eine Anfrage. Ich bin leidenschaftlicher Fotograf in der Lage, pro-wie Fotografie.

Siehe beigefügte Beispiel:

Mit besten Grüßen.

04.02.2015, 22:05
Hello patjakub,
very thanks for presenting you.
Your English is the very best for understanding you. But google-translater for the German-Language is one of the best joke I have ever seen. So if you want to make joke take google-translater. But if you want our understanding take your English.
Very thanks for your nice picture of the High-Porta. I am sure, many of us are interested in your photography-art. May be you will show us one about „Ohra“.
Unforunately I can not write here without problems. It is a pity. But I like your picture and I like reading English.
Wish you have fun here and best regards

04.02.2015, 23:24
Hallo Patrick,

herzlich willkommen im Forum! Danke schön für Deine nette Vorstellung. Du wirst merken, die Sprache wird kein Hindernis sein, das schaffen wir schon!
Und über Danzig von früher- da wirst Du bestimmt hier viel erfahren können!
Sehr schön, dass Du gern fotografierst- Bilder sind hier immer höchst willkommen.

Viel Spaß hier!

Hallo Patrick,

hearty welcome in our Forum. Nice to read your introduction, I think, language will not form an obstacle, we'll work it out somehow.

Danzig before 1945- I think you may hear/read about that time here quite a lot.
And really fine to know, your passion is to take pictures- we like to look at them!

So have a nice time here!

Schöne Grüße Beate

05.02.2015, 00:28
Hi Patrick,

fine that you've found our forum and that you've passed all the difficult registration processes. Sorry, but that's part of our defence strategy against spammers :)

I was wondering that you've never met anybody who has lived in the former Danzig. Still today you can find them, the old Danzigers, from Langfuhr too, living in today's Gdańsk. One of the best addresses to get in contact with them is the German Minority in the ul.Waryńskiego in Wrzeszcz.

My mother, born in Wrzeszcz too, does not speak Polish, and it's a pity that also her English is very poor. She could tell you a lot about the former life and the customs at this time. A couple of years ago she went back to her "Heimat", to her "mała ojczyzna", and now we are living in Przemysław, just east of the Wisła in the neighbourship of Drewnica.

With best wishes from Żuławy

05.02.2015, 13:56
Hello Patrick,
welcome! You speak English and Polish. But where are you living? Not only Gdańsk, also Toruń is a nice city. Have you been there, too?

Best regards,

05.02.2015, 17:02
Cześć Patrick,

it is fine that you have joined our Forum Danzig. -

My father was born in Langfuhr / Wrzeszcz (ul.Waryńskiego), where his parents had been living for 50 years (40 years in ul. Saperow). My grandfather had been more than 40 years shipbuilding engineer at the Schichau yards.

It would be great to have an up-to-date photo of the ship in the roof of NBPbank:
our thread on the NBP ship (http://forum.danzig.de/showthread.php?12071-Schiffchen-auf-dem-Bankgeb%E4ude)

05.02.2015, 22:37
Hello again.

Thank you for your warm welcome.

I have to think about place to store high quality and large size pictures. I would like to somehow link a picture to information (metadata) and to a map of pictured place.

What do you think is the proper way to name places like streets, buildings or areas? Using current Polish names, German, English or combination of German/Polish?

When I don't take a picture for request I will post some pictures too. What sort of photos is most valuable for you? I think the Rathaus, the Krantor or Marien Kirche is so popular that it is easy to find one on the Internet. What about traces of an old Danzig like shop signs? There are few. Are you interested in usual places in old areas like Schidlitz. What about modern new areas? Countryside landscapes? Beaches?

I suspected that EN->DE translation is bad. The other way looks better. German language has more complex grammar thus it contains more information in the sentence. English more rely on context and translators are not so smart to build good German sentences. Therefore I will post in English. If some of you don't feel comfortable with answering it in English then answering in German is okay as well.
You have asked about Ohra. I am posting few photos I have taken in last 5 years.

See map (http://wikimapia.org/#lang=de&lat=54.322931&lon=18.632555&z=14&m=b)

See map (http://wikimapia.org/#lang=de&lat=54.322831&lon=18.632641&z=14&m=b)

See map (http://wikimapia.org/#lang=de&lat=54.330189&lon=18.630152&z=14&m=b)

Thank you.

The registration process is fine.

I need to contact with German Minority House. I never searched for Danzigers really. I just asked questions about ancestors some people I suspected he/she could be the Danziger. My suspection relied on family name which was German name. For example Schulz, Rosenfeld, Jetke. Some of them were Kashubians.

Has your mother a noble ancestry? I thought that most Danzigers were bilingual. Perhaps not. It is interesting that she moved back to Gdansk/Zulawy. It is nice that you enjoy your place near Wisla.

I live in Gdansk, Orunia Gorna. Orunia Gorna is modern area ca. 1990. Located on moraine hill, west of Orunia. On the other side of Hoene's Park Orunski. Beside of simmilar name it has little in common with the Orunia. On map from 1918 it is unnamed area with hills between Schoenfeld, Altdorf and Ohra.

I have been to Torun when I was a child. Have to visit again.

I have been living in Wrzeszcz my first 26 years of life. Ul. Warynskiego and ul. Saperow was my daily route. Also some of my childhood friends have lived there.

I will take a photo of the ship and whole NBP building.
Also I would take photos of a place if you identify it on present maps.

I did quick research if Breitgasse 64 is now ul. Szeroka 64. It is very likely I can identify the building. I found that Breitgasse 52 is now ul. Szeroka 52/54. Also next to Krantor.

Greetings from Gdansk

05.02.2015, 22:56
Hello Patrick,

you wrote "Has your mother a noble ancestry? I thought that most Danzigers were bilingual. Perhaps not."

No, although I can go back my roots to the beginning of the 17th century I didn't find any noble ancestors :)

Danzigers bilingual? Some yes, most not. But, of course, most of the Polish Danzigers spoke Polish and German.

With best regards,

05.02.2015, 23:03
Dear Patrick ! Welcome on the Forum. I am Felicity, born 1927 in Danzig and now living in Australia. After the war I migrated with my family. I spent all my childhood and teenage years in Danzig and only left it in 1945. I still have friends in my hometown and I have visited Gdansk several times in the past years. I hope we will hear from you a lot in the future. Kind regards, Felicity

Ulrich 31
05.02.2015, 23:19
Hello Patrick:

Wellcome! Thank you very much for your kind willingness to take a photo of the ship at the NBP building. Please take a special telephoto of the figurehead in addition. It's very important for our diskussion regarding this. - Many thanks in advance.

Greetings from Berlin

Marc Malbork
06.02.2015, 02:13
Hello Patrick,

quote: "I have to think about place to store high quality and large size pictures. I would like to somehow link a picture to information (metadata) and to a map of pictured place."

I think the "Picasa"- software, which seems to be part of Google+, perfectly fits into your bunch of critieria.
My first choice now is "flickr". But there you have no such easy way to create maps.


That's part of my Picasa account, but I am no member of Google+. On flickr look for "Marc Malbork" :).

Quote: " ... proper way to name places ..."

Polish. Only in the case you do know the old german name it would be fine if you could put it perhaps in brackets thereafter. Or the other way round.

Quote: "... What sort of photos is most valuable for you? ... "

First of all, please feel free to show us the Gdansk y o u like. Those photos will always be the best ones.

Best regards,

06.02.2015, 03:31
Marc, you are right. Picasa, is also part of Google + and my son has installed it on my computer. I am so happy with it and send pictures all over Australia and Europe. Just don't know how to sent them to Foren. That is why you did not get pictures from Australia. Have to find out how to do it. Liebe Gruesse von der Feli

06.02.2015, 12:20
Hello Patrick,
Your foto of the old "smithy" (ul. goscinna 12) in Orunia is for me a nice surprise. 2 years ago I was there, but as you know - I am sure - it is renovated and a pretty Café. Until approx. 1930 my grandparents lived in that street Hauptstr. 25 - Café Kirschberger (today goscinna 4 - music school). For that reason the elder photos of Orunia (Ohra) are very interesting for me, however, also the new ones and of course of Danzig in general.
I have seen only a part of Orunia, not yet the modern.

Best greetings

06.02.2015, 21:29
Dear patjakub,
thank you for your pictures. I knew, you would make some people happy with them.
I like the way you see the coloures and would be glad to follow your impressions during a long time. Of course, I am interested in your view of Orunia, especially Hoene-Park, trees and the little houses of Orunia, moraine hills, sun-rising and all these coloured things ;-) I like the way of your composition.

Best wishes, wood-child.

07.02.2015, 15:59
Wolfgang wrote:
Danzigers bilingual? Some yes, most not. But, of course, most of the Polish Danzigers spoke Polish and German.
I didn't realized that. That is interesting.

Felicity. Thank you. Your memory must be very valuable. You also look like a nice person on your picture. I tried to find your past home. It seems that in that place 3 building are missing. I think you already know that. Niederstadt now looks abandoned. How sad. I remeber when I was a child it looked much better. Gdansk is not well managed.

Ulrich 31. No problem. This is also pleasure for me. What do you mean by a figurehead. Is this what you call Goblin in another thread? I will do my best to take as much detailed picture of the ship as possible.

Mark Malbork. Finaly I decided to put photos to one of my albums on Flickr. I hope it is also easy for all of you. I have seen your pics on picasaweb. I couldn't find you on flickr. Thank you for guidance about naming of places.

Felicity. I think Picasa cannot send pictures to the forum. You have to do that on your own.

Inge-Gisela. Some day, when nice weather, I will take pictures of the surroundings. Old photos are difficult to find. I am glad that I made you happy.

Waldkind. Thank you for what you have said. This is very kind. I live at the edge of Hoene's Park. I take every oportunity to walk through it. Also I like this kind of pictures as you. I will post many of them.

Before I take high resolution of NBP bank I took a picture of it at night. I wonder if you have ever seen the building at night. I was on my way home. Had camera with me. Photos was taken quick and not so very good quality.

On Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/patjakub/16461468261/)
Full size (http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7424/16461468261_a6a3b03b37_o.jpg)

On Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/patjakub/15843127223/)
Full size (https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7289/15843127223_796d38cdcd_o.jpg)

Kind regards,

Ulrich 31
07.02.2015, 18:32
Hello Patrick,

thank you so much for your first pictures of the NBP building at night. These impressions are great and very insteresting, even the look at the golden ship at the roof.

"Figurehead" is the translation of the German word "Galionsfigur" = Google-translation in Polish > marionetka. You can see this figure in front of the above-mentioned ship in this forum thread ► http://www.forum.danzig.de/showthread.php?12071-Schiffchen-auf-dem-Bankgeb%E4ude&highlight=Schiffchen > #21 und #25. There you can also find all about our discussion on this subject.

I'm dying to see your next pictures of that ship and of the "marionetka". - Thank you again in advance.

Kind regards,

07.02.2015, 21:49
I have found on the Internet Polish article from July 2014. Below article are closeups of the ship.


Ulrich 31
07.02.2015, 22:57
Hello Patrick,

the same article you can find in #31 to thread "Schiffchen auf dem Bankgebäude" (see > http://www.forum.danzig.de/showthread.php?12071-Schiffchen-auf-dem-Bankgeb%E4ude&highlight=Schiffchen ) and the German translation to it in #33. - The question facing us: Has the "marionetka" changed its appearance in the last years or will your current telephoto show that the "marionetka" of today is the same as shown on the pictures of your article? - Please help us to find the correct answer. We would highly appreciate it.

Kind regards,

07.02.2015, 23:44
Dear Pat ! Whenever I come to Danzig I stay in the hotel 'Dom Muzyka' Weidengasse. This way I am so near the place where I grew up. You are right, 3 houses are missing in Weidengasse, corner Hirschgasse, one is ours, number 48. We were lucky that we got out of the ruins, when we were bombarded.If you like to know more about me and see more pictures, click on Google and ask for 'Felicity Stehlik'. It is strange, both houses I grew up in are no more, Number 4 and Number 48, and my school, Marienschule der Ursulinen has made way to the Freeway. The one place still standing is The Marienkrankenhaus, at the end of Weidengasse, where I nursed soldiers, when it was Reservelazarett. At my last visit in Gdansk I went again to that little chapel and attended service. It was very moving for me, because the place has hardly changed. For us, living on the Niederstadt, it had become our chapel, we visited every Sunday. Our church where we were baptized and registered was St. Nickolai. All my love to my hometown and kind regards to you Pat, from Feli

08.02.2015, 23:29
Good Evening,

I have uploaded some pictures. Have a nice time.


08.02.2015, 23:43
Thank you Pat ! I had a very nice time, meandering and seeing all the familiar places of my hometown. You are full of surprises. Kind regards from Felicity

09.02.2015, 12:45
You welcome Feli :)

Marc Malbork. I have seen your albums. I especialy like acient photos.
Wolfgang. I like your albums too. The most i like is "Im Wechsel der Jahreszeiten".


09.02.2015, 13:15
Hallo Patrick,

nice to see Gdansk at the different seasons- and also nice to see places, I could not visit because of too less time. Thank you very much!

Best regards Beate

09.02.2015, 23:42
After an American Western Film became very popular, the saying came up : "HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL !" You can say Pat : Have Camera will travel ! Thanks, you make us, especially the so far away from home living ones, very happy. Kind regards, Feli

09.02.2015, 23:51
Hello Patrick,

I am sure that the first photos have been made in the Park Oruński. And I have also discovered the squirrel in the tree :-). I like your photos. Many thanks.


10.02.2015, 08:06
Feli. I am very glad you like the photos.
Inge-Gisela. Yes. It is Park Orunski. In these time I appreciate wild nature like this.

10.02.2015, 19:02
Viele schöne Bilder in brillanten Farben, danke fürs Zeigen, Grüße von Ada

11.02.2015, 19:54
I am happy that you like it Ada.

13.02.2015, 01:01
Hi Patrick,

I am glad to see you on the forum. Just a fortnight ago I suggested to make the forum more attractive to Poles - here we are! To be honest, I thought about dedicated (amateur) historians, but good photography is welcome as well!

"Bilingual": that depends on what era you are talking about, and what section of inhabitants. Some ancestors of mine lived in Danzig in the 17th century, by the name of Hewelke, and the most famous family member (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Hevelius = http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Heweliusz) was a proud subject of the King of Poland, and indeed bilingual - German and Latin. The ideas about language, ethnicity and nationality keep changing in history and have rarely been as clear-cut as ideologists tend to think (as once again we observe right now in the Ukraine).

If you happen to visit Sopot, I would appreciate photos of "Villa Hestia", Wladislawa IV 3-5, that show the other three sides (http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willa_Hestia_w_Sopocie ). Some of my relatives lived there in the early 1930s (for rent, not as owners ;) .

Best regards,

14.02.2015, 04:45
Hello Patrick,
also I enjoy your photos on different platforms:-) Thank you very much.

Photos of the "Willa Hestia" I am also very interested in.
Margarete von Heyer, a former owner of that Villa (Bädeckerweg/Wladyslawa 3-5)
is a distant relative of mine.
She sold the house to her second husband Eberhard von Kries.

The whole area must be still very nice because there are old houses and lots of trees.

Many greetings, Insel

19.10.2015, 14:19
Hello people,

I have disappeared for a long time. I feel badly about this. However I got sick and recovery period is very long.

Now I am at the point when I get more active. Slowly I will visit the forum more and more and do the same as did before. Taking quality pictures. Saying about current situation in Gdansk.

Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny (Medizinische Akademie), ul. Dębinki (Eichenallee)

Greetings to everyone,

19.10.2015, 15:37
Hello Pat!

I am glad to see you back here!
I still have wondered, why you was a quiet long time away!
Yes, our health is sometimes a problem.
The older you get, the more problems appear.
So: Just do not forget to breathe... :)

I wish you the very best efforts in recovering your health!

We want and need your great pics!


19.10.2015, 18:45
Hallo Pat,
I was wondering, too, where you were. Yes, our health is very important. Welcome again :-). Wishing you all the best.


20.10.2015, 01:39
Hi Patrick,

sometimes, and I am very sorry about it, after a period of silence we almost forget members of our forum. But when they are knocking at the door again they will always hear a WELCOME BACK!!!

Best regards,

20.10.2015, 03:50
Hi Patrick ! I also missed you and I am happy that you are back. To begin with, tell us more about the Gdanski Uniwersytet Medyczny, please. We did not have it in my time. Don't overdo it right after your sickness, take it easy, we want you here for a long time, to be our guiding light through our wonderful, new home town. Kind regards from Feli.

21.10.2015, 11:48
Hello Patrick,

welcome back & all the best for you and your family! I am looking forward for new and great photos.

Hope to meet you in 2016.

Best regards &

21.10.2015, 11:52
Hi Feli,

Gdanski Uniwersytet Medyczny has been Stadtkrankenhaus Danzig & Medizinische Akademie Danzig (wikipedia) (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medizinische_Akademie_Danzig) until 1945.

Kind regards from Rudi ("Bartels")

21.10.2015, 12:00
Hi Feli,

en.wikipedia: Gdańsk Medical University (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gda%C5%84sk_Medical_University)

All the best & a good health

your mate Rudi

25.10.2015, 22:02
Hello Bartels,

You did a job for me. Bringing links about Medical University of Gdansk. Thank you.

I looking forward to meet you in 2016.

Ulrich 31
25.10.2015, 22:30
Hello Patrick,

Nice to hear from you again! I wish you all the best for recovering, and I thank you in advance for all your articles and excellent photos coming once more in our forum. I'm specially appreciating your informations about the today's Gdańsk.

Best greetings to you from Berlin,

25.10.2015, 23:34
Pat, Rudi and Ulrich, I am feeling like you. I am so glad about the Medical Uni in Gdansk and I am proud of our Hometown, what it is offering and into what it is developing. Die Technische Hochschule war schon beruehmt, in Danzig, in my times, but this so very important and essential. To all 3 of you, have a good day and kind regards from Feli

16.02.2018, 06:17
Hi, I too lived in Villa Hestia from 1941, when I was born, until 1945 as the 7th son of Hugo Bender, Holzfabrikant in Zoppot. Hugo rented the Villa from Baron Heinrich von Manteuffel since 1936.
Wolf Dieter Bender, wdbender@ptd.net