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10.02.2015, 00:51
Hello to all of you,

this is a forum determined to ask questions about the old Danzig. And, of course, about your ancestors from Danzig. Danzig is a very special place. Let's build a Danzig community.

But, if you should have only questions about the nowadays Gdańsk: please do not hesitate to ask the questions for which you would like to have an answer.

I'm sure: you'll always find somebody trying to give you an answer - not always in perfect English, but, believe me, you'll understand it. :)

With best regards,
-Admin of the forum.danzig.de-

10.02.2015, 03:23
Dear Wolfgang ! A new generation of Danzig's children is and has grown up. I know two of them and now three. They love their hometown Gdansk just as much as we loved ours, Danzig. You know that I have been back quite a few times and I am so thankful that our 'Stadt am Ostseestrand' has risen, like a phoenix, out of the Fire. Yes, let's build that community, that loves and treasures their home. Liebe Gruesse von der Feli