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13.12.2010, 20:05
Servus !
Ich suche Information etwas die Geschichte Senslau (Herrenhaus in Senslau). Vielen Dank fur die irgendeine Information!

(entschuldigung fur mein deutsch)

14.12.2010, 17:33
Guten Abend!
Ich kann zwar nicht wirklich etwas zur Geschichte des Gutshofes in Senslau beitragen, aber meine Ur-Großeltern wohnten dort, bevor sie 1945 umgesiedelt wurden. Mein Ur-Opa war Schafmeister und arbeitete für den Gutshof. Meine Oma war dort Küchenangestellte und lernte dort meinen Opa kennen. Mein Vater hat mir das erzählt, der sich noch an den Gutshofbesitzer Heidemann (oder so ähnlich) erinnert, wie er auf dem Pferd durch Senslau ritt. Mein Vater spricht meist vom Rittergut in Senslau.
Mich interessiert die Zeit von etwas 1920 bis 1945.
Gibt es Fotos aus der Zeit?

14.12.2010, 21:08
Guten Abend!
Ich bin sehr glücklich. Ich habe ein paar Fotos aus der Zeit. Sprechen Sie englisch?

15.12.2010, 14:44
Yes, we also can try to communicate in English. Why are you interested in the history of Senslau? Would you please give some more information?

20.12.2010, 19:51
I live in Senslau. In this mansion:) I study architecture and protection of goods of culture. I was always interesed in history of architecture and I have decided to write my master work about history and architecture of this residence. This is very important for me to collect as more informations as it is possible becouse of sentiment.
Strange is the fact that nobody really knows when the house was built. Almost every document about this building was disappear. Some of researches dated it to 1830 (with rebuilding in 1890), some - 1860, my concept is different. Maybe some of your family knows something about?

20.12.2010, 20:02
Is hard for me to find how to upload fotos here :confused:

20.12.2010, 23:29
Dear niina, the way to upload fotos is:
You have to send your whole adress to Wolfgang (in a pm of course, not here), and must confirm your copyright of all fotos you will upload..then he will allow. That's the way...

Best wishes Beate
waiting for your fotos...

21.12.2010, 18:22
Hi niina,
I just talked to my father regarding Senslau again. He was born 1930 and grew up in Danzig/Gdansk. His grandparents lived in Senslau and my father often visited them while the school holidays. In 1944 he even lived in Senslau for a few weeks and visited the school there. In 1945, while my ancestors had to leave the country, my father and some family members came back to Senslau and were forced to work for the Russians on the estate in Senslau. They stayed there for about three months before they finally left somewhere to the west. They had to help the Russians picking up the fruits from the fields, milking the cows and producing butter etc.
What I would like to say is that my father was a child and didn’t notice anything about the history of Senslau. Today he is 80 years old. Healthy but old. And it’s hard for me to get any more news from his family history from him.
Maybe, if I could show some pictures, I can wake up his memories.
I am looking forward to here from you again.

21.12.2010, 18:25
Hallo Beate,
hast Du auch eine Verbindung zu Senslau?

21.12.2010, 21:44
Hallo Carsten,
keine Ahnung, bis jetzt reichen meine Puzzleteile man nur bis Lupushorst, ich hab noch keine Ahnung, in welcher Richtung ich weiter suchen muss.
Aber mir gefällt die Gegend so gut, deshalb hoffe ich auf Bilder...

Schöne Grüße Beate

17.01.2011, 20:21
Hi there, im glad i have finaly uploaded some photos here:). I hope it would be helpfull for you ;) Thank you Beate for advice. First photo was taken propably in 1920, secound one around 1950.

21.01.2011, 08:39
Hi Niina,

thank you for uploading the photographs. I just returned from my father which I showed the pictures. Unfortunately he cannot remember that building. We guess that your pictures show the house where the estates’ owner used to live. But there also must be agricultural buildings like the cow and horse houses, an office and also a schnaps distillery. This is the area where my father stayed for about three months, when he was forced to work for the Russians in 1945.

Best regards

10.03.2011, 14:17
Hi niina! My grandmother was born in Senslau, her birthname was Heydemann, her father (my great-grandfather) was the owner of Senslau. My mom and some of my uncles know a lot about Senslau. If you have any questions, maybe we can answer them.
Greetings, erdmuthe24

12.03.2011, 14:14
Hallo erdmuthe24!
Ich frage einfach mal: gibt es irgendwelche Aufzeichnungen, Erinnerungen oder sonstige Spuren zu meinen Vorfahren in Deiner Familie?
Mein Ur-Großvater Friedrich Seidler lebte mit seiner Frau Emma in Senslau von etwa 1920 bis 1945 und arbeitete für Deinen Ur-Opa Herrn Heydemann als Schafmeister. Sein erster Sohn (mein Opa) Alfred lernte auf dem Gutshof meine Oma Erna Falkowski kennen, die dort in der Küche gearbeitet haben soll.
Das wäre sehr spannend. Höchstinteressant, wen man auf diesem Wege so begegnet!

12.03.2011, 16:50
Hallo Carsten,
wenn, dann weiß meine Mutter da was, die hat auf jeden Fall auch alles an Aufzeichnungen (und da gibt es so einiges). Die ist aber momentan verreist. Ich frag sie, wenn sie wieder da ist. Wir haben im Mai unseren Familientag des Heydemann´schen Familienverbands in der Gegend von Münster. Da kommen einige, die die Zeit in Senslau noch wissentlich erlebt haben, die kann ich auch mal ansprechen, denn meine Mutter ist ´43 geboren und erinnert sich mehr so aus Erzählungen und eben den Briefen und Berichten :-).

12.03.2011, 20:47
Prima! Da bin ich aber sehr gespannt. Wer weiß, was es wieder alles zu entdecken gibt. Bis bald ...

15.04.2011, 22:01
Hi there!

Firt of all I' m sorry for my absence - I had hard exams on my studies and I had to gave up my passion for a moment.
Carsten, I have some fotos for you. I hope your grand father will recognise this places and maybe some of his memories will back. I send best regards for him:)
Erdmuthe24, I read about your family, I have few fotos and now... I can't belive that I' ve contacted with you:)

15.04.2011, 22:22
Erdmuthe, I write the master work about the building were your family live. Maybe some of your family knows when this building was built, and by who. I know that some parts of building was destroyed "Indian room" and some parts were build when your grandfather was Senslau's owner. Maybe your family have some documents, photos, projects..? It is hard to me being asking you because there are so many things I'd like to know:) I' m really interested in every detail wich is related with this mansion and Senslau.

Best regards

18.04.2011, 18:48
Hi niina,

nice to hear from you again and thank you for the pictures. Today I visited my father. As I thought, it was hard for him to remember what happened about 66 and more years ago, but yes he can confirm that the pictures show the area where he was so many years before.

At first he could not commend the pictures, but when he saw picture OBRAZ 114.2.jpg his minds began to live. He remembers that this building was the horse or cow stalls. On the upper floor there must have been a large room like a hall, where a harvest party was celebrated. The people from the whole village were invited. My great-grandfather was the “sheep master” of Senslau and the sheep stalls must have been somewhere outside.

My dad even told me a little story he reminded: in 1945 when he was 14 years old, he came back to Senslau with his family and they had to work for the Russians. My father and his younger brother had to look after the cows on the field. They both fell asleep and when they finally woke up one cow was missing. My father found the cow lying spread-eagled in a field of clover. The cow ate too much of wet clover and nearly died because she was inflated! Father was afraid and told his brother to get the Russian. The Russian came, saw the cow, laughed and rammed a knife into the cow. The cow deflated and died. The following weeks they had much beef to eat. Except my father wasn’t able to eat from it …
I was surprised hearing such a story from my father. It’s not usual.

Well, but this is everything so far. Hopefully erdmuthe24 can add some more important about Senslau history.

angela heydemann
18.06.2011, 19:13
Greetings und Gruesse,

I stumbled upon this site rather by accident and I find it so fascinating to discover that people are still talking about Senslau. Erdmuthe24 I believe we are related, your mother is my cousin and I share the Erdmuthe name as well. And now to Senslau. My father (who died in 1972 unfortunately) who, as the oldest son, would have taken over Senslau had the war not taken place. He moved to Canada in 1952 and he told many stories about his time there as a young boy. Some of his recollections include: Prince Wilhelm of Prussia would come to visit with his commoner girl-friend to Senslau because that was one of the few places they could be seen together, he remembers trying to "parachute" himself off of the tower but was prevented from doing so as his father caught him as he was almost about to launch. I have quite a few pictures of Senslau, both from the time that my father lived there as well as from a visit I took there in 2002. I would suggest that contact be made with Christian Krause who compiled a pretty comprehensive history of the Heydemann family, much of which takes place at Senslau. He has pictures, interior/exterior as well as some of the barns and outbuildings. Perhaps Erdmuthe24 could make that contact happen?

I will try to find out who the architect was of the building, but again, perhaps Erdmuthe24's uncle has information about that.

Alles Gute!!

22.09.2011, 13:13
Ich habe eine grosse Bitte. Koennten Sie mir bitte helfen? Ich suche das Buch: Joachim Siegfried Woltersdorf, Bodenaufnahme des Rittergutes Senslau auf der Danziger Hohe, 1926. Von oben danke sehr. Darek
mein e-mail: kartuzjanin@wp.pl

09.04.2017, 21:28
Hi, I am looking for any information about The Seth family ever living in Senslau including Franz Seth born 09.01.1885 in Senslau

09.04.2017, 21:47

Franz SETH geboren 09.01.1885 in Senslau.
Vater: Hofmeister Valentin SETH
Mutter; Maria geb. KRAJEWSKI
Beide katholisch
Standesamt Uhlkau/Kreis Dirschau
Urkunde Nr.1/1885

Viele Grüße,