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    It seems like Mr Gunter Grass is the most well known person from Danzig for the 20th century.
    I would like to hear about another "danziger", called Siegfried Freytag. You will find information about him on "wikipedia".
    In another thread on this forum, I was looking for information about his family. I would like to know if anybody has information about Mr Freytag or his family in Danzig. It's not even sure if he was born in 1917 or 1919, and I can't find any information about that with authorities.
    He was a Luftwaffe hero during WW2, especially after july 1942 when he earned his knight's cross. Maybe there are traces of such event in the Danzig press of the times, even though I can't find any. He is supposed to have been called the "löwe of Malta" or the "stern of Malta" some times between august and december 1942, but no reference are available.
    As a french citizen, i'd like to know more about this man, because after the war, he spent 20 years in the french foreign legion, and therefore paid a heavy price for my country.
    If anybody has any information...
    Thank you for your attention.

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    Hallo bert68
    Suggest you try Google for "Luftwaffenpilot Siegfried Freitag"
    Lots of information there in german and english.
    Should keep you busy for quite some time.
    Good luck, Juergen

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